Paper Street has consistently generated attractive, risk-adjusted returns through several real estate cycles by demonstrating a firm investment discipline. Our philosophy has always been the same: treat investor capital as our own and align our interests with those of our investors.  Paper Street also performs nearly every major function of real estate in-house to enhance accountability for our results.

Paper Street employs a hands-on, block-by-block approach to evaluating and determining the desirability of purchasing in a particular area. Our business objective is to maximize long-term shareholder value through superior total returns on our investments. Management has extensive experience in structuring investments involving significantly undervalued properties.

Our company utilizes a value-driven investment strategy to acquire direct or indirect interests in both residential and commercial real estate throughout the country, but focuses specifically on Chicago. By capitalizing on our in-house knowledge and extensive professional network, Paper Street is able to source and acquire private off-market real estate at extreme discounts from private owners, investors, brokers and lenders.

By implementing proven post-acquisition strategies, the company aggressively repositions assets in an effort to drastically improve profitability and value. Paper Street endeavors to maximize returns for its investors throughout the investment cycle.  Our system proves effective across a spectrum of investment types.  Paper Street's areas of focus include multifamily investments, condo "deconversions", rehab construction, and housing development; with established links to the affordable and supportive housing communities.